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Rey is a special agent investigating since a long time about a mafia organization. Marco is an ex member of this organization and Rey try to convince him to talk to a judge to make progress in her investigation. Marco refused because he is very suspicious about the authorities, so Rey decided to catch him to convince him.

Rey will wear black leather trouser, white blouse, black bra and thong with high heels shoes.


Rey enters in the house by night, with a roll of silver duct tape. She thought Marco was napping so she entered in the bedroom (in the darkness) when the light switch on. Marco was behind her.

R- Oops…

M- I think that the tape was for me right ?

R- Yes… But it was just to bring you at my office to talk…

Marco picked the roll of tape.

M- Yes, sure… All the agents do that to try to convince people to become witness…

R- That was the only way! You refused all my invitations!

M- It’s all about trust…

He put his finger on her mouth to tell her to shut up.

Then he picks ball gag in Rey mouth and she has to keep it until he will see that she don’t have any tape recorder or spitfire

Rey is very reluctant to do this but has to win his trust so she is compelled to remove her blouse and then to put down a little bit her leather trouser, enought to show top of her ass and thong, then she put it back. Marco can see then that she don’t have any device.

Satisfied Marco removes Rey’s ball gag.

Rey tells him that he has a docuent that guarantees him freedom. Marco tells her if she has the document with him but Rey confesses that she has left it in the office because she thought that she would have “convinced” him to go with her. SHe offers to go ther and take it, but Marco thinks that it’s better to send a friend of him instead.

In the meantime she’ll be her guest. After having said that he picks duct tape and seals Rey’s mouth.


We see then Rey struggling chairtied with tape and also tape gagged. She’s left there for some time. SHe hates being tied up and tests the tape, but she can’t get out of bonds (she sighs thinking that she should have take more seriously escapism courses…) Finally Marco returns.

Marco tells Rey that he his friend is coming with paper and that he’ll go to the police, but not now that is too late, just tomorrow. He unties Rey and is bringing her outside the room, when he receives  a messages on phone..

M- Listen, there will be some changes in the plan… The boss accepted to let me go only if I bring him one thing… He grabs Rey and they figts. He puts her on bed and ahndgags her, but she frees a hand and hits him with elbows, succeeds to escape from his arms and fell on the floor.

R- What are you fucking telling me ?!

M- I know… But it’s my only way to escape alive…

R- But it’s me that won’t be alive  if you do that!!

M- No worries… You are too precious for him… He will ask a ransom for you, I know him…

Marco give his hand to help her to stand up, she wasn’t really happy, but she grabbed it and standed up. Marco gags Rey again, this time with OTM gag.


In the next scene

Marco is now phone calling to the boss, just stand up close of Rey, his other arm around her shoulder. Rey is now wearing only bra and thong, her hands and feets are tied with black tape and she has still the white cloth tied over her mouth.

M- Yes boss, you will have a good gift tonight… And I will my papers for the States ? Awesome… Yes, see you soon…

He closed the phone, then he make a cuddle to Rey.

R- Mmmmppphh…

Rey made some gag talk, but Marco cannot understand. He finished by putting the cloth down ungagging her

R- Did you lied since the begin ?

M- Of course… But I didn’t planned the part about you, Just my boss asked it to make me a free man.

R- But you accepted to betray me…

M- I’m sorry…

He takes a roll of black duct tape and applies a piece it  on her mouth, . Marco leaves the room and lets the girl inside. Rey disappointed with herself for having trusted him looks  around if she can escape, She hops  at windows and tries to alert someone, but her gag and windows closed make that she cannot be heard. But we will see her trying, again and again, to escape… Until the moment Marco comes back in the room, carries her on his shoulder to the car to “ship” her to his boss.



All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production

28 minutes