Prepare To Be Humili-Maided (4KUHD MP4)


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I can’t believe you actually showed up! Haha! OMG – This is hilarious – even after I told you what we’d do if you came – even after I warned you about how we’d utterly humiliate you – and make a total laughing-stock spectacle outta you – you’re here – prepared to play sissy-maid to me and my meanest girlfriends all determined to embarrass and emasculate the fuck out of you. Well you’d better hurry up and get into role before the girls get here you little pansy – STRIP! Get out of your fucking boy-clothes and hand them over – I’m throwing them out – you won’t be needing any boy-clothes while you’re being our little domestic serving-girl all weekend long. Get naked so I can get that little pre-boner scrunched into a chastity cage before the girls arrive – I don’t want that little thing poking out and grossing all the girls all the girls out.

No more boners for you ‘lil miss chastity-maid – not now you’re locked in that pokey little cage for us – even when you’re being made to serve us, and help us dress, and you’re brushing our hair and polishing our shoes – you’ll stay girly-soft in that ouchy device. And now you’re trapped in chastity it’s time to prepare for your humiliating sissy-servitude. It’s time to get you ready be our maid! Starting with your makeup – extra-thick foundation, with layers of blusher and powder caked all over your face and mascara and eyeliner and eyeshadow and long fake lashes to make you look so fucking ridiculous – you won’t look like a girl at all – you’ll look like a sissy TRYING to be a girl haha! Exactly how we want you to look! Not like a girl – we want you to look like a SISSY!

Let’s get you into your uniform now – your sissy-maid uniform! Just look at the panties I picked out for you – they literally have ‘Sissy’ written all over them in pink writing! How humiliating! You have to wear special sissy panties under your sissy-maid uniform – the girls are gonna love that extra-emasculating little detail so much. Here you go – pull them up you little pansy. Now the stockings, sissy – put them on… and then the dress – step into your sissy maid outfit for me and wiggle all the way in – over your shoulders so I can lock it into place so you can’t take it off – just like the shoes… padlocked on so that you’re trapped as our maid. Oh my god you look hilarious! Haha! I wonder what the girls are gonna make you do first, sissy?


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