Olivia rushed to worship Astrid’s feet when she started doing yoga (HD 720p MP4)


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By John. Made by request
One day, Astrid decided to do some yoga and stretching at home when suddenly her neighbor and friend Olivia came over to visit. Word by word, Olivia began to show Astrid how to properly do a stretching exercise.Upon seeing Astrids bare foot and feeling its pleasant scent, Olivia cant help herself and begins to eagerly worship Astrids feet. At first, Astrid felt a little uncomfortable since it was a bit weird, but then she got into the process, relaxed, and began to enjoy it.
Olivia, seeing and feeling this, continues to carefully lick Astrids feet and suck each toe with even greater passion and enthusiasm. All of this happens for a long time and in various positions.Enjoy!
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