Olivia on the bench – Astrid plays with her oiled soles using candles (FULL HD MP4)


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By John. Made by request
In this clip, the beauty Olivia is dressed in a gown and secured to a bench. She has shoes on initially. Shes a bit nervous because she knows what awaits her – namely, something she cant stand and fears: playing with fire near her bare soles.
Astrid approaches her in a playful mood. Astrid takes off Olivias shoes and ties her big toes together. Then, Astrid admires her victims beautiful feet, caresses them, kisses them, generously applies oil to them, and then proceeds to treat them with the flame of a lit candle. Olivia struggles but it only ignites Astrid further.After the single candle play, Astrid lights a sparkler and continues to play with Olivias feet.
Olivia is in fear, scared, and the heat on her soles prevents her from relaxing. Then, Astrid takes a stand with a bunch of candles in a jar, lights them all, and places the stands under Olivias beautiful soles.
Astrid clearly enjoys what shes doing, deriving pleasure from the opportunity to tease delicate bare soles, especially Olivias. In the end, Astrid steps aside, leaving Olivia alone with the candles. Enjoy!
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