NO SYMPATHY PART 2 feat AstroDomina & Empress Jennifer (HD MP4)


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NO SYMPATHY PART 2 feat AstroDomina & Empress Jennifer (HD MP4)

HD 1920 x 1080p — I really do enjoy my work providing fresh meat to slavers, it’s all about the hunt for me!

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We return with our sadistic dynamic duo, Sydney and Empress Jennifer and their two latest acquisitions, now completely tied up and gagged in their closet. They’ve already had some fun with them, tenderizing them for their new owners and even given them nicknames: Juicy and Creamy! They’ve already been auctioned off and inform the two new slaves that their new owners are on their way. They inform them they’re probably not going to enjoy it that much, since the men they’ll be owned by are even more notorious than they are. Everything they’ve already been through will seem like a walk in the park!
They tease and taunt their bound prisoners even more, letting them know all the services they’re going to have to perform for the slavers. They really seem to get a kick at seeing the fear on their faces, and laugh as they struggle and moan, pointlessly fighting their bonds. Oh there’s no escape, no hope at all for them. They’re going to be making these two a lot of money, so there’s no chance in hell they’re getting away.
Just to drive the point home, they tie them up even higher and gag them with their signature red scarves. They tell them not to worry, they won’t be seeing them ever again where they’re going, but by the time they end up in their new cage homes, they’re going to wish that Sydney and Jennifer would take them back. It’s definitely going to be a hard life for them being enslaved, but oh well, all that matters is these two hot criminals get paid. Time to deliver the goods!

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