Natalya – Finish Her then me and then its Chloes -Turn–POV-Toilet


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Natalya – Finish Her then me and then its Chloes -Turn–POV-Toilet

This clip is a human toilet fantasy clip.  Natalya walks in and notices you have not finished flushing the previous girl.  She yells at you to finish and then it is her turn.  She goes to the bathroom in your mouth and makes you flush her quickly so Chloe can have her turn.  This is all shot POV.  This is all simulated.

There are sound effects of her going to the bathroom both 1 and 2.  There are sound effects of someone chewing and eating.

The 3rd part is we added a voice in your head.  This voice contains both insults and commands.  Things like, “Open your mouth”, and “Eat it”  with laughter and taunts.  This is meant to be the voices you begin hearing in your head after being kept as a human toilet for of periods of time in a crowded sorority house sitting. 

The last part of the video is more footage of Natalya.  Slow motion with a dreamy pink glow.  This has soft music and insults meant to lower your self esteem to make your transition from a beta male to toilet as easy as possible.  Note this footage is also in another recently released clip.  Also Chloe does not appear in this clip. She is only mentioned.

11 minutes




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