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The young and ambitious thief Lilith is about to steal a very precious statuette from the house of a well-known collector of archeological finds. She skillfully identifies and opens the safe and gets it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t notice that the experienced master thief Ivyblonde is standing behind her. A handgag, followed by an expert karate blow knocks out the young thief. In the next scene we see that Ivyblonde has just finished tying Lilith to her chair and gagged her with white microfoam tape, which makes a nice contrast with her shiny catsuit. She thanks her younger colleague  for having done the job for her and tells her to behave. As this first lesson in thieving, it can be enough. As fee she’ll get the artifact. Liith is still stunned but, soon realizes that she’s been “robbed” by the master thief Ivyblonde. Yet she can’t give up without fightin. So she she tests her bonds. They are tight, the bitch knows how to tie. She has to escape before police or the owner returns. She struggles for various minutes and her increasilyng desperate mmphings reflect her efoorts, but she can’t free herself. Definitely she needs more trying in escapism, she sobs. As she feared someone arrives, but it’s not the police, it a neighbor that wanted to check while the mansion cancel was open. Lilith once ungagged sells him a fake story telling him that the house of the collector have been sacked by a gang of burglars. She presents herself as a security agent who tried in vain to stop them but was overpowered by their number. The guy doesn’t question her story and frees her. Time for Lilith to recover her booty and pay back her enemies.

 In the next scene we see that the receiver Raimondo enters his studio with the precious object that Ivyblonde just sold him. He finds Lilith sitting on his desk. She has a spitfire hidden under a cloth and she threatens him to give her the statuette of her. Raimondo tries to negotiate with the furious Lilith, but this is just a trick to allow Ivyblonde to sneak behind the naïve thief  and once again surprise her. Lilith is soon handgagged, and overpowered by Ivy’s iron grip. Seeing that the previous lesson wasn’t enough Ivyblonde decides to give to her younger rival a harder one.As further humiliation Lilith is obliged to take off her catsuit and strip to bra and panties. Then Ivyblonde and Raimondo make her trample her catsuit while they tie them up with white ropes. After having been trussed up on screen Lilith is finally hogtied  on the office desk. She regains her spirit and threatens Ivyblonde. She promises her that she will succeed in taking revenge. But Ivyblonde laughs in her face and cleave gags her. She tells her that she leaves her for a few minutes to prepare the van  her last trip. Left to struggle Lilith tries to escape but once again Ivyblonde proves again to be too expert as rigger

Dialogue In Italian

Lilith knows English and could be hired for customs

All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production

24 minutes



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