Krissy Jade – Controlled, First Time [MP4 4k]


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Krissy Jade Controlled, First Time

We open our vault, and have extracted this set from back in 2018 where we PROGRAMMED Krissy Jade for the very first time. This tall, gorgeous brunette woman falls for my spell quite easily, and we have fun working with her. I hope you enjoy this discounted set!
Krissy Jade in Programming Freeze

Krissy Jade is a fashion model. Quite successful one as well, and she reached out to a Casting Call I had posted about experimental PROGRAMMING, where they will be paid to experience it and talk about what happens and more. Little does she know, I have other things in store for her..
We start off with a quick post-shoot interview, then dive right into the PROGRAMMING where we slowly guide Krissy into a deep state of complete relaxation. As you can see the progression of her body slowing down, as she starts to let go more and more.. until POOF, shes completely submitted herself to my control and pleasure.. without even realizing it!
Once Im done with her PROGRAM she only recalls taking a nap.. as she stirs from it, and immediately apologizes. But little does she know, there are triggers now inside of her that allow me to invoke things!
As I go over to her, and shake her hand… immediately dropping her into a relaxed state as she slumps over on the sofa. Then I make her believe shes completely crazy glued to the sofa, and cant get up! Then I FREEZE her in place, and pose her a bit… messing with her head, like I like to do…
Krissy Jade in Mindlessly Gone

Krissy Jade, fashion model; has been successfully PROGRAMMED. She has no recolletion of it working, and as such Im starting to mess with her more and more. I convinced her that she can not remove her ass from the sofa, and now Im making her lose numbers, and more! Eventually leading to me having to remove her brain, to clean it… leaving her mindlessly gone for a few brief moments, allowing me to oggle over her body while she isnt aware…
Then I place her brain back in backwards, watching her eyes roll back as I do so… enjoying her confusion and the amount of control I have over her… eventually fixing that by removing her brain yet again, and putting it back in normally.
Some FREEZE moments through out the video.
Krissy Jade in Blank

Krissy Jade has been PROGRAMMED to go BLANK on command now, where she will completely stop everything and her mind is emptied of all thoughts. Then she also will be a receptical for my command… responding automatically with a “Yes Master”… and then be compelled to comply.. as I command her to remove some of her excess clothing, and then FREEZE her in place to mess with her some more.
Krissy Jade in Sexy Obey Finale

In this final clip, Krissy Jade has completely submitted to my control, and is in a deep PROGRAM. As such, Ive planted the command BLANK into herself, making her go completely mindless and receptive to any commands I give her, she has to reply with a “Yes Master, I will obey” before compliance happens.
As such, I start to make her pose sexual for me, and to start flirting with me… as you can see, she starts instantly.. though at first, she catches herself and stops… totally shocked as her behavior towards me.. then I have to re-enforce it with another command, at which she continues posing in sexy poses for me, and flirting… as I FREEZE her in place various times..
Ending with a de-programming session, and final reveal and post-interview questions.

90 minutes



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