Katrina – Gag test on the turntable (FULL HD MP4)


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By John. Made by request
This clip is entirely dedicated to testing Katrinas mouth capacity. She is sitting fixed on a chair, the chair is on a turntable, and the camera shows only a close-up of her face. The turntable operates in a specific paradigm. First, the rigger inserts the gag, steps back, and there are two minutes of face shots. Then, the turntable turns Katrina to the side for a minute of a profile shot from the right, then it turns her to the left for another minute. After that, the turntable returns Katrina to the starting position, and the rigger comes to change the gag. Thats precisely what the technical side of the test looks like.
Now about the gags: The first gag is a cleave gag, the second is a small black ball gag, followed by a medium-sized red ball gag, then a mouth spreader. After the spreader, there is a large black ball gag, and the program ends with a blue ball that is fixed on top with tape. All gags are in increasing order.Enjoy!
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