I Make You Do Humiliating Things to Make Me Giggle


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I Make You Do Humiliating Things to Make Me Giggle

You will be mesmerized as I tease you with my sexy tight young body in this clip while I make you play stop and go. My control over you begins with my control over when you can touch your dick lol! I talk about all the degrading things that I could make you do if I wanted to. I could make you eat your own cum, spank yourself, lick and hump my dirty shoes, even take naked photos of you to use however I felt like! You are just too easy for me to control and eviscerate mentally. You would do anything just to make me smile and giggle. You are so desperate to please me. You are in way over your head with me.

To reinforce my control over you, I make you say a set of three mantras. The first set you say while touching your cock, so you associate how good it feels to do as I tell you. The second set you say while not touching your dick so you can really focus on the words coming out of my perfect little mouth and make sure they sink in your thick skull. I am your better. You must never forget that.

We finish with a cum countdown all while I continue to humiliate you and demand you eat your own cum and pay for the privilege. You will feel so compelled to do as I say, it will scare you. You will feel the willpower draining from your body and the deep shame of obeying a hot brat on the internet setting in once you cum.

But even after you cum and are filled with shame, you still cannot stop. You are desperate for more of me. Desperate for me to make you do more degrading and humiliating things for my amusement. The obsession has begun, and you will never get enough of my adorable and emasculating style. I am simply perfection, and you will always obey me. It is just the natural order of things.

18 minutes




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