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Here is the original script that we have implemented. We have distributed the roles as follows
A: Nora
B: Jassi
C: Lilith
Scene 1 A lies covered in the bed of her bedroom and reads. After a while she closes the book, yawns and turns to rest. After a noise, she starts up, sees the burglar in front of her and is frightened (hands in front of her mouth, horrified expression on her face)
(5 min) A lies (now without a blanket /upper bed) in a hogtie (feet parallel) tied and gagged in bed and fights against her shackles and moans against the gag. Their eyes are bandaged . Important: My favorite angle and also close-ups of the feet
Scene 2 (1 min) B is lying in bed and has just finished a telephone conversation with C. “Yes, bye, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it.“ She hangs up, snuggles up to rest. After a noise, she scares up and frightens terribly in the face of the burglar
(2 min) B lies (on the blanket) on his stomach in bed. Their hands are tied behind their backs, their feet are tied together (crossed). She looks anxiously behind her – as far as she can – where the burglar is probably rummaging in her belongings. “I don’t have anything valuable here”
(5 min) B is now lying on the bed in a hogtie (crossed e feet). She is gagged and her eyes are blindfolded. Through the gag you can hear only a soft moan. She struggles in vain against her fetters.
Important: My favorite angle and also close-ups of the feet
Scene 3 (7 min) A, B (normal clothes, flip-flops /slippers)and C (secretary, see above) are sitting comfortably with wine /Cola or similar in the living room C, quite arrogant and arrogant, can hardly believe it: “….and you couldn’t free yourself. I can’t believe it. I’m sure THIS wouldn’t happen to ME. I would have got out of there very quickly. I swear to you.” B wants to bet her that she won’t make it. C agrees: she will let herself be captivated by B.
A meanwhile moves away from the living room “I’m going downstairs again quickly to do something. When you’re done with your game, I’ll be back for sure.“
C lies down on his stomach on the sofa (if necessary, lie down or similar. ) Their feet are crossed . B first tie your hands on your back, then your feet together, take off your shoes (feet crossed further) so that your feet can be seen in your bright stockings and look at her work “Everything OK?” C, of course, is not at all convinced: “Are you ready yet?“ . B joins Cs hands and feet into a (crossed) hogtie. “And are you going to be free very quickly now?“ Then C will also be gagged.
Scene 4 (5 min) Starts with favorite angle. C has been trying in vain to get free for quite a while. She fights back more and more violently and protests against the gag. B watches her for a while and then lets her fidget to everyone: “I’ll be back soon”, C, still has her very transparent stockings on, so her feet with the painted nails are great to see.
Scene 5 (5 min) B is in the adjacent room with his back to the camera. When she hears a noise, she turns around and gets a scare, the burglar….
B is tied up and gagged in a hogtie on the carpet and winds in vain in the shackles. She turns several times on her back and then back on her stomach. Of course, she loses her flip-flops / sandals very quickly. Important: My favorite angle and also close-ups of the feet
Scene 6 (10 min) A returns to the living room and discovers C. A, still tied up in a hogtie, looking at C amused. “B did a great job!“To annoy her a bit, she tickles C on her feet, takes off her stockings and then tickles C’s bare feet, also between the red-lacquered toes. Important: My favorite angle and also close-ups of the feet
C is humming very angrily through the gag, but fighting back doesn’t help! And A does not have fun with C for a very long time, because the burglar surprises her..
Now A is also lying gagged in a hogtie on the floor in front of the sofa, unfortunately her tied feet are within reach of C, who always manages to tickle A’s feet Important: My favorite angle and also close-ups of the feet
Scene 7 (1min) (probably playing a few days later)
C (afterwash) lies relaxed barefoot on her bed and talks arrogantly and arrogantly on the phone as before – with A –

58 minutes




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