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Custom video in English language

Grace has been assigned to a delicate mission. A terrorist boss is suspected to hid in an impenetrable building and she has to discover his location and open the way for the raid to eliminate it. Grace graduated as the best infiltrator of the group, she’s strong and confident and she’s sure to succeed. Once entered she waits for a enemy patrol to shows up and capture him so to recollect the information. She has not to away a lot before one guard shows up. She ambushes him and puts in in an apparently firm headlock. Then we see her worried colleague receiving a phone call from her. She has neutralized the guard and continue her mission. But the truth is different. The guard has actually turned the table on her and obliged her to make a phone call telling that she’s all fine. But he’s the one who captured her and after having gagged with a cleave gag  the defeated but still cocky girl, brings her to the band quarter. Here he makes her sit on a chair and ties her up with solid ropes until she’s stuck. She tries to looks stoic but can’t avoid to make some pains mmphing to to the tightness of ropes. Then the guy calls his boss and leaves her alone to rstruggle. Grace have been trained to escape and works hard on ropes. Yes some minutes are not enough for her to escape. The boss shows up and orders her ungagged. The defiant scout tells him that his minutes are numbers. Her colleague are going to wipe the building in no time. Confirmed that the place is not safe. The boss takes some photos of her to send to their colleagues to prevent them to attack. Grace tells him that it’s all useless. Backup is just inside the building. Enraged the boss makes her tape gagged again.

Grace is left alone again. She doesn’t want to be a mere spectator of the raid and tries to escape to kick her ass true and avenge her humiliating capture, but when she’s about to loosen the rope, the guard returns. In the next scene we see the unhappy soldier tape gagged with vicious tape wrapped around her head. She has her boots removed and she’s put in a painful hogtie. She doesn’t know if this is more  painful or humiliating. Left alone again she tests the ropes but this time she has little to do. Her arms are already numb. She has to hope that her camrades arrive in time to rescue her although the perspective of being found in such misery is even worse than being sent to  afterlife.

 Grace is available for custom also in English language

All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production

28 minutes



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