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You come home to a surprise from your girlfriend wearing sexy lingerie. She says that she has a special treat for you, but first she has a confession to make. She knows that shes gained a little bit of weight recently, but she thinks she likes it. And with the way youve been grabbing all her new soft spots, playing with her ass and belly, she thinks that you probably like it too. She says she did some google searching and has to ask — are you a feedist? Good, because she thinks she is one too. In fact, it would turn her on so much to gain even more weight. She loves being a sexy BBW but can you imagine if she gained fifty, or a hundred more pounds? How much weight do you think she needs to gain to reach SSBBW status? Because thats exactly where she wants to be. A big sexy blob for you, constantly eating and growing and shocking everyone around her with how fast shes growing. She would even love to try funneling and weight gain shakes to make the gains go really out of control. She describes in detail just how fat she wants to get, and she doesnt care if its embarrassing how big and fast she grows. In fact, that just makes it all even hotter. She wants to get absolutely massive — will you help her with that task?A sweet and sexy roleplay where I play an innocent feedee ready to give in to extreme weight gain. I talk in depth about my fantasies and how I want to grow absolutely obese with your help! Lots of descriptions, fat chat, and sexy talk about becoming an SSBBW for you!
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