Fetishcon Tickle Attack 4k


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Starring Akira Shell

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 You really believed you could make it through Fetishcon without being tickled, did you? 


You’re trapped in Akira’s clutches on the final day of Fetishcon – she’s been waiting for you with all ten of her tickling-talented little fingers, excited to work her way up and down your body until they discover the ultimate tickle hotspot. 


Tease, taunt, tickle – she’s got a whole arsenal of teasing, taunting, and tickling tricks, and she’s not afraid to use them on every inch of your squirming body! Get ready to laugh and squirm like never before! Her fingers embark on a tantalizing journey from your neck, playfully gliding along your sides. A gentle breeze caresses your neck, sending delightful shivers down your spine. Your nerves awaken, tingling with an exquisite sensitivity. Then she ventures southward, teasing your wiggly armpits, her nails playfully grazing your delicate skin, creating a tingling sensation that’s hard to resist. Looks like you’re caught in a ticklish situation, desperately gasping for air while her hyper fingers go wild, exploring every nook and cranny of your body. 


Her fingers dance along your chest, giving you a playful tickle. Those sharp nail extensions add a touch of excitement as they gently slide and scrape against your ribcage. She’s quite smitten with your charming squirms, delightful body wiggles, and your pulsating enthusiasm. She’s got some serious tickle skills, right in the rib zone! No escape until she’s fully amused, so brace yourself for some intense laughter and those wild giggles of yours! 


Now take a few deep breaths in and out. Another round of tickling is about to begin, this time on your ribcage. She moves down to your hips and presses her fingers into your vulnerable regions, squeezing them gently as you struggle to contain your ecstasy and the tickles. A light touch on the tip of that pulsating cock would do wonders. What a delightful mix of wriggling, giggles, and moans! Tickling the tip and sides of your shaft softly as she runs her nails up and down, feeling the pulsing and throbbing as your precum continues to leak, making it extra soft and ticklish. Of course, the most squirming and giggling occurs when her fingers crush and play vigorously on your balls. Your cock is throbbing way too much, and that oozing precum of yours only gets her more excited to tickle you. 


She’s going to give you a thorough tickle session, leaving no inch unexplored. You can wiggle and jiggle those legs of yours all you like, but there’s no escaping her meticulous toe exploration! She’s determined to explore every nook and cranny on your foot, with no toe crevice left unturned! Akira just can’t resist the delightful sensation of her fingers gliding along the crevices of your heels. And there you are, gasping for air, overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure. How pitifully irresistible! Looks like she’s discovered the foot that’s extra ticklish! 


She then proceeds to your ‘drenched-in-precum cock’ and swirls her sharp nails on the tip of it, returning to the focal point of your hypersensitive body. Your cock is pulsating and throbbing as she tickles every sensitive part of you, starting with your earlobes and working her way up to your neck and ribcage. You come so near to cumming that it’s almost ridiculous; cum for her, since she’s about to tease you all over again.


You’ll never make it to the Fetishcon without suffering the ravages of her nails, so forget about leaving. She’ll track you down no matter how well-hidden you are, push you into a corner, and then just… tickle you in front of the whole Fetishcon goers! And no, she doesn’t pity you one bit, either. In fact, she’s having a blast teasing your writhing body with tickles, tickles, and more tickles!


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