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Wood has come to you with a very special proposition. Shes not nearly fat enough. Shes gaining weight but its still going to slow for her! She wants to be an out of control blob already, wants her gain to completely spiral. She begs you to put her on a feeding machine, one that can pump weight gain shake into her bloated gut 24/7. It seems extreme, but it turns her on so much to think about. Its all she wants, to be a slave to her constantly full belly, to lay in bed all day and do nothing but suck down thousands of calories of weight gain shake and blow up with fat. She talks in detail about this fantasy, how she wishes she could try it for a month and then try to walk around and deal with the consequences of gaining so much so fast. She wants everyone in her life to be shocked at what youve done to her, to be so concerned with the breakneck speeds shes growing. She wants her belly to hang to her knees and to not be able to reach her pussy to get off anymore. Just an obese, spoiled hog. Just how far can one fatty fall?
A super in depth and depraved extreme weight gain fantasy perfect for those that like their gainers a little out of control. Features tons of belly play showing off just how much fatter Im looking recently, too. A super sexy and intense fat chat not for the faint of heart!
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