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Uh oh, Wood is having a nightmare! She wakes up to see that shes back in her old gym class, and theyre doing the pacer test today! Shes gained so much weight since going to any PE class that this is immediately her worst nightmare come to life. Theres no way shes going to be able to pass this fitness test now that shes massively out of shape! But unfortunately, her coach tells her that if she wants to wake up, she HAS to pass! Wood reluctantly starts to run in place, but realizes very quickly just how hopeless it is. It hurts her calves and her back, and shes incredibly out of breath. Knowing shes not going to pass the running portion, she tries to switch over to jumping jacks and its even worse! Her heavy tits hurt from bouncing up and down and her whole body jiggles. Not to mention the excessive squeaking of the gym floors with her every movement telling her just how much of a lardass shes become. She attempts to run and do jumping jacks some more but its no use, and finally her coach tells her to quit it already and do her burpees. Wood is terrified of how hard these are going to be, but tries anyway… and fails epically! She can barely get her fat body off of the ground! Her form is off and all of her heavy fat keeps her from moving gracefully. While shes on the ground, shes told to do situps too, but I think you can guess how well those end up. Finally, she gets back up to attempt running and jumping jacks again, but you can tell how exhausted she is. Shes panting heavily and sweating and can barely go on. Unimpressed with what he sees, he tells Wood that she has to go to detention for how horribly out of shape she is! During detention shell have to take the test again and wont stop until she passes. This nightmare just keeps getting worse and worse!A super hot and embarrassing custom roleplay clip all about having to run a fitness test after gaining a ton of weight. Lots of struggling in this one, as my recent weight gain definitely weighs me down. I look massive in this, and the jiggles are intense! Also, the burpees I attempt are laughable, theyre so bad. A perfect clip if you like embarrassed, out of shape fatties.
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