Ecko Bell Gorilla Presses & Jerks Frank UHD


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Starring Goddess Ecko & Funsize Frank

UHD (1920 x 1080) MP4
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Laughing at his puny stature, Ecko Bell is entertained to see Frank hasn’t gained an ounce of muscle since the last time she saw him. Determined to show him how much stronger she’s gotten since last time, Ecko Belle lifts, jerks, and dominates Tiny Frank straight over her head in an impressive gorilla press.


When matched up against Ecko Bell, Frank doesn’t have much of a chance. His limbs and legs are extremely skinny, almost like a chicken’s, and let’s not forget about those muscles or lack thereof. Those biceps are so squishy and soft, they’re practically begging for a gentle poke. Compared to Ecko’s massive, well-developed biceps, his quadriceps are noticeably smaller and thinner. Everything about him is just so tiny!


Given how frail and weak he appears now, he should give up on the idea of ever becoming as big and strong as Ecko. Even if he worked out three times a day and increased the intensity of his workouts, it would be nearly impossible for him to achieve the look of Ecko’s physical dominance. When Ecko effortlessly hoists his featherweight frame atop her mighty, muscular shoulders, Frank must be quaking in his boots, feeling a tad intimidated by Ecko’s overwhelming authority and power. And if he’s serious about getting those massive, ripped muscles like Ecko, he better get ready to squat and work that core over and over again.


With ease, Ecko skillfully assumes command of Frank’s petite frame, playfully hoisting him onto her shoulders, causing his legs to swing in the air. She then mischievously removes his shorts, revealing his adorably diminutive cock flailing gently below. Ecko is quite intrigued by the size of his little buddy. Who knows, maybe a little playtime will do the trick and make it grow. She’s holding onto hope, however slim it may be!


But suppose she squats down and presses on his frail frame, hoisting him into the air. Ecko is stepping out of her comfort zone with the infamous ‘gorilla press lift.’ Tiny Frank must be quite the charmer to inspire such quirky adventures, flinging his itty-bitty body into the air. She’s just dying to show off her core and endurance! She lifts him up like a feather, without even breaking a sweat. With her mighty grip, she effortlessly hoists Frank’s petite frame above her head, channeling the spirit of a champion wrestler showcasing their unrivaled strength. Up and down he goes a testament to her sheer power and might. Ecko is showing Frank who’s boss with her towering height and impressive strength. She effortlessly lifts him up in a ‘gorilla-press‘ and then drops him down like a mic drop. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, she slams his lightweight body onto the bed with her unrivaled strength.


Ecko’s peculiarly exciting lifting and carrying of him turns on Frank’s shamefully small cock. She loves to assert dominance, and the sight of his teeny tiny cock getting excited by her impressive strength is enough to make her give him a helping hand, lifting him up in different elevated positions. With a sly grin and mischievous strokes, she teases him from unexpected angles, igniting his desires in the most tantalizing way. From sideways, over her shoulder, from the back, she strokes his cock so sensually, stimulating him the best way possible, all in hopes of wanting to see his cock throb a little harder and intimidating in a way, something that he lacks in all aspects.


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11 minutes



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