Eating My Way to 300lbs (Stuffing & Weigh-In) – MP4


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Eating My Way to 300lbs (Stuffing & Weigh-In) – MP4

I’m on the cusp of a very important milestone in my gaining journey. I’ve been in the 290s for a while, flirting with 300lbs but now I’m ready to make it official. I decided that I’m going to stuff my face and keep stuffing until I finally hit the big 3-0-0! To do this, I ordered a pizza and a chicken sandwich and fries and am going to eat as much as I need to to hit 300lbs. The pizza will be easy enough — my fat ass if pretty used to eating whole large pizzas by now! I speed up the stuffing so that the clip isn’t as long but you still get to see me shove piece after piece into my greedy mouth. I also made sure that every burp I let rip during the stuffing is at normal speed, so my burp lovers don’t miss out on anything! After I eat my pizza, I decide to weigh in and see just how heavy I really am… do I hit it, or do I need to keep eating? You’ll have to buy the clip to find out!
After my final weigh-in, I give my reactions to the results and do a little fat chat. I talk about my new goals, and where I wanna go from here. To be honest, I don’t think that the weight is going to stop coming on any time soon with this fatty habits I’ve developed! I show off my newly fattened body and celebrate this momentous, milestone occasion with fat chat and jiggling!

A stuffing and weigh-in clip of epic proportions! Do I hit 300lbs? How much food do I need to eat to get there? No matter what, I’m looking massive in this clip as I am definitely at my highest weight EVER! Find out all the details by checking out the clip!

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