Dina and Laura. The first meeting and tickling two girls (HD 720p MP4)




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Warning! Very ticklish reaction!
This is the first video we made with Dina and Laura. Girls are shyly sitting on the couch and a little nervous, I ask them to show their sexy feet. They take off socks and shows them to the camera. Then Sally comes and checks them for ticklishness. It turned out that Dina and Laura are two funny and ticklish girls.We tied them to chairs, Sally stood behind the camera, and me with partner are beginning to tickle them. We didnt expect so active reaction to the tickling, its intense and very exciting. Mostly we tickled the girls upper body. Then we put pieces of a duct tape over their mouthes and continue. They screamed so loud that I thought about people outside may hear this hysteric screams and call the police. From the intense movements caused by us, girls were sweating and the tape began to come off, so we decided to put the ball gag into Dinas mouth, as her cries very loudly. I got great fun when we them by tickling. Periodically we change tickling spots from their upper body to the feet. Sally were behind the camera all this time and watching the scene with interest. Enjoy!
By the way: while I tickled Dina and her feet, she twitched so hard that she fell off the chair right at me, it was a very funny moment, I decided to partially keep it in the clip 🙂
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