Compilation of hogtied girls part 1 (FULL HD MP4)


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== Four bound girls in one clip! ==Surely among of you guys there are huge amount of fans hogtied and barefoot. We decided to make this clip, assemble it from the parts of our previous clips. At this clip you will see only bondage, hogtied girls and their sexy bare feet as well. 
The first part with Kates Anima:She is firmly hogtied with ropes and her mouth are gagged with a tape. Her big toes are also tied together with thing string. Shes completely helpless and very attractive. I her feet a little with tickling, and then take the camera and film her. Kate Anima protests, twitches and grunts. Very hot!
The second part with Karina:She is bound with ropes, hogtied. Her hands are also bound at the elbows, very reliable. Her palms are tied in a specific position, thereby depriving Karina a chance at freedom and also avoid any jerking. Feet are bound crosswise. I come up from behind and removed her shoes. Karina continues to struggles, bound and barefoot.
The third part with Esenya:Esenyas feet are make me happy. And when they are bound with a rope… Esena is hogtied with ropes, her mouth are taped, her big toes are also tied together with a string. She suffers at this position and enjoy it. Her feet are slightly dirty, it gives them some charm. I bind her and then leave her alone for some struggling.
The fourth part with Kira:Kira is bound with ropes. Hogtied of course. I always take close-ups of her long feet, then of her pretty face, then put the camera to shoot as my partner approaches her and begins to tickle her soles. Kira is securely tied and has no chance to escape.  After some tickling he leaves her alone to lie bound and barefoot…
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