CatWoman Vs James Bound 2 Part 5 (1080p)


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In shooting this movie we thought it a shame to keep the gorgeous Domina Helena’s face hidden by a mask for the entire movie, so this scene goes back in time to the first encounter between Catwoman and James Bound. James is lured in by the devious Catwoman as they have martinis and make out, yet he has no idea who she is yet. They make out with an carnal like passion, fondling one another, shoving each other against the wall, each trying to gain the upper hand as they kiss and grope one another. 

Catwoman seizes the advantage in this power struggle as she removes James’s jacket, and then rips open his shirt so that his arms are pinned behind his back. She begins biting his nipples, scratching his chest, and licking his face as they continue to kiss and grind against each other. Catwoman reaches into his pants and begins stroking his cock, looking into his eyes with a wild look in her eyes. At this point, James has to realize he is not dealing with his average concubine, yet he has no idea who he is truly dealing with, yet…

Catwoman goes down and begins nibbling on his cock thru his briefs, driving him insane with passion. She massages his balls at the same time. She knows that he will become putty in her hands in no time. James looks at her with a dazed look on his face and asks “Who are you?” to which Catwoman replies “I’m your wildest dreams, and your worst nightmare Mr. Bound”

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