Blackmailing gone wrong. Fetish movie (SD MP4)


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This is a custom video, it was made based on the script from our customer. 44 minutes length video with pretty Karina with a story, bondage, tickling and toe ties, gagging (tape and ball gag).Features: – English subtitles – On-screen tying – Tight ties + toe ties – Tickle during the storyOutfit: tight jeans, short top, high heels then barefootIntro:Karina is a dubious reporter who took some interesting pictures for blackmailing a few day ago. She got home from shopping, she takes off her heels and goes to the bedroom to change her clothes. There she’s already awaited and overtaken by a masked man who is paid to get those pictures back.Karina kneels on the bed with already tied hands, legs and feet, he puts few stripes of tape over her mouth, up the top and breast-ropers her, the feisty Karina down, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together with a very thin long string. Leaves her alone for a short time, back he starts to tickle her feet, takes off the tape and asks her about the pictures but Karina starts immediately call for help. Oh, no, he ball-gages her, starts to untie her from toe-tie, hogtie, legs and feet, tells her that he will take her down to the basement where they’re undisturbed. Karina makes big eyes and he drags her down the stairs.Karina, already tied legs and tied onto bench, feet hanging over the edge, he ties her feet, pushes the ball gag a little in her mouth, asks her again but she only grumbles. He ties her big toes together and starts to tickle her soles. She wriggles too much so he ties another fine string to the tied toes, pulls them down towards the bench, tickles her until she tells and lies that the pictures are hidden in the kitchen. He leaves her alone for some struggling.Karina was able to free her legs and toe-tie, looks for something to get free, as he returns angry with no pictures. – “You like it down here?” Karina gives up and he her up the stairs.Karina with no gag and already tied legs stands and tells him where the pictures are hidden. Finally found he puts few stripes of tape over her mouth, the feisty Karina on the table, ties her feet, hogties her then ties her big toes together with a very thin long string. He lubricates her feet with an oil then takes a brush and tickle her feet just for fun. Then he takes the pictures and leaves her alone. Karina struggling and grumbles…You might also like:Karina caught snooping. Fetish movie (FULL HD MP4)Payback! Where is my money? Fetish Movie (FULL HD MP4)Bad day for agent Anima 2. No bounty for bounty hunter Kate. Fetish Movie (FULL HD MP4)Bondage games with Karina. Fetish movie (FULL HD MP4)

44 minutes



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