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Im currently at my fattest Ive ever been but I desperately want more. Ive thought long and hard about it, and Ive come to the conclusion that the best way to gain as fast as I want to is if I stayed completely bedbound. Ive been fantasizing about it a lot recently and want to share those fantasies with you. I just want to be an obese bedbound princess with a feeder that waits on me hand and foot. I would love it if my feeder worked from home to ensure that I dont have to lift a finger, that I had access to food 24/7. I want to be stuffed 24/7 too, and what better way to do it than hooking up a funnel right next to my bed and filling it with weight gain shake, or maybe even having a minifridge right next to my bed? Laying around all day would also completely destroy any form of fitness I had left, my walks to the kitchen would leave me huffing and puffing so bad. Good thing I have you to take care of me as my weight spirals out of my control. Maybe Ill even start a livestream from my bed so people can watch as I eat all day and fatten up. It all sounds so hot to me. I love being able to share my extreme weight gain fantasies with you!An extreme and intense feedist fantasy clip all about giving up my mobility and staying bedbound! For fans of extreme weight gain and mega-obesity, as well as feeders who want bossy and demanding princess feedees growing out of control. A super cute and steamy fat fetish clip with me at my fattest! Including tons of fat chat and belly play. You dont want to miss this one!
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