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Wood and Aria are having some lighthearted fun talking about the tiny table that they have. Wood thinks Aria would get stuck under there if she tried to crawl through but Aria doesnt believe so! Wood bets Aria five dollars that she is going to get stuck, and Aria isnt one to turn down a bet! She begins to crawl through but realizes pretty quickly her ass is way to big to fit! Wood and Leda tease Aria a little bit for getting stuck, giggling and jiggling her ass. Wood decides that theyve had enough fun and tries to push on Arias ass to help push her through. It takes a lot of effort and finagling, but Wood finally pushes Aria through! Unfortunately, the effort it took to push her through made it so Wood got stuck under the table too! She tries to crawl her way through to the other end, but its no use! Shes stuck too! Not learning from their mistakes, Leda pushes on her ass and ends up stuck underneath the table as well. Will these ditzy BBWs learn that theyre too fat for these shenanigans?A fun and silly stuckage clip with three sexy BBWs and lots of amazing ass shots! Perfect for stuck fans or BBW ass fans. Featuring BBW Aria and Leda Lavandula!Like this? Find more Stuck clips hereFind more clips with Leda and Aria here

6 minutes



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