Amber – A Day in the Life of My Cuck Part 3 of 5


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In this 5-part series of clips I show what it is like for a Cuck that has committed to a total power exchange.  I love humiliation.  I love breaking old men into a gooning desperate creature that lives to make me laugh.  I work it and I get his paycheck.  It buys me outfits for me to wear for my Boyfriends.  Gooning and edging is a big part of exploiting males.  Constant chastity is not enough.  To maximize my profits and happiness it is important to let a cuck out to humiliate itself through gooning and edging.  It wipes out their self-esteem.  It makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. 

In this part, Amber finishes Andy’s gooning session getting him ready to work and for her to go shopping.  Andy finds out what Amber will be buying, and she will have a special friend with her to help spend his money.  Andy’s reprogramming is going well!  Despite being taken advantage of financially and denied orgasm he loves it!  He wants to make his keyholder happy!   The cuck is devoted to his keyholder and will do anything to see her smile. Amber relentlessly shocks Andy’s balls just to make her laugh.  She is amazed how stupid this old man looks when he howls in pain from ball shocks.  It is now time for Andy to go back in chastity.  How many ball shocks does it take to get him in?    (10:08) long

10 minutes



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