1k Calorie Stuffing & Weight Gain Reactions – MP4


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1k Calorie Stuffing & Weight Gain Reactions – MP4

After trying on old tight clothes and realizing how fat I’ve gotten, I got really horny and really hungry. Luckily I had a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for me to fill my greedy face with. But I decide that 860 calories wasn’t enough, I wanted to round it up to a nice easy 1,000 calorie snack! So I grab the nutella and take a couple heaping spoonfuls and mix it in with my ice cream for a gluttonous treat. I want to get fatter, so it’s just second nature to do fat things like that at this point. While I (somewhat messily) eat this pint of ice cream and nutella, I decide to have a little fat chat. Namely, I want to talk about all the reactions people have been having towards my recent weight gain. My friends have said a lot of things to me about it, and I tell you all about it. From my friends who know about my gaining and the ones who don’t. I also talk about what I’ve noticed has been getting bigger, my feelings about having a fatter face, and how my eating has gotten out of control. I share weight gain goals and how far away I am from them, all while playing it with my belly, jiggling it, and burping a little too. I’m such a greedy pig, and I think this clip really shows that off. If I can handle a thousand calories this easily, just imagine how much more I can eat!

A food stuffing clip with tons of weight gain/fat chat, friends reactions, and speaking candidly about my weight. A burp here and there. Perfect for stuffing fans who want a quick watch!
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