1,500 Calorie Chugging & Life Update – WMV


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I have been really working hard at gaining weight and blowing up, and luckily a lot of things have happened in my life to help with that! I want to give you a life and weight gain update — I want to talk about all of the things Ive been doing to help me blow up as quickly as I am! From extended visits with feeders to binging on Boost weight gain shakes, its been surprisingly easy to put on a bunch of weight in a short amount of time. You can definitely see it in the roundness of my belly and my burgeoning double chin! I fat chat with you all about what Ive been doing, the food Ive been eating, my most recent weigh-ins, as well as my current gaining goals! And to top it all off, I end the clip chugging three Very High Calorie Boost drinks — which total over 1,500 calories in just one sitting! Its no wonder Im blowing up so quick if its this easy to stuff my face with thousands of calories. I show off my chugging skills and even burp a bit, playing with my fattened up gut as I do so. This is a perfect vlog style clip for anyone wanting to keep up with my gaining adventures!A fat chat and chugging clip with tons of juicy details on what Ive been doing to blow up so much! Casual, chatty, and calorie-laden! With some belly play and opportunities to get personal with my gaining journey.
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